Product Description

Medium Density Fibreboard, commonly known as MDF, is manufactured by breaking down wood residuals into wood fibres, which is then combined with a wax and a resin binder. Additional additives make the final outcome fire and moisture resistant. This is then compressed under a high temperature to form sheets. MDF is much denser than plywood and is stronger than other particleboards. The surface of this board is perfect for a painted finish.

MDF is suitable for applications such as furniture manufacturing as well as mouldings such as skirting and architraves, it can also be used for building material purposes, similar to that of plywood.

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Location: Spain
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Product Information Board Size(mm) Thickness(mm) Sheets Per Pack
STANDARD MDF OVERSIZE 3050 x 1220 12 68
STANDARD MDF OVERSIZE 3050 x 1220 15 50
STANDARD MDF OVERSIZE 3050 x 1220 18 45
STANDARD MDF OVERSIZE 3050 x 1220 25 32