Ply-tek (UK) LTD

Plywood and Panel Product Importers/Distributors

Unit 5 Baglan Industrial Estate, Aberavon Road, Port Talbot, SA12 7DJ

TEL- 01639 820633 – FAX – 01639 822455.





The introduction of the European Timber regulation EUTR in March 2013 was a the most significant step yet to ensure that all imported wood and wood based products are not produced from illegally sourced timber.  


Ply-Tek will assess and mitigate the risk of placing illegal wood or wood products on the EU market, in line with the EU EUTR requirement on ‘Operators’ to carry out adequate due diligence.


Ply-Tek is working to a robust due diligence system as set out below     


Ply-Tek will request specific product information required by the EUTR at the Pre-Order stage before placing any orders with its suppliers;


At this pre-order stage Ply-Tek will request that’s its suppliers declare raw wood material sources with information necessary to assess risk,  including countries of harvest and manufacture, species name (common and scientific), components, and any credible third party certification or verification that have a bearing on risk of illegality;


Ply-Tek will request that’s its supplier links raw wood material sources during the Pre-Order process . 


Ply–Teks suppliers must provide detailed documentation to support its wood course declarations;


Ply-Tek will then carry out its own risk assessments at the range, product and component levels,


Ply-Tek will communicate with its supplier, to agree, track and record any mitigation action required, and its outcome;


Ply-Tek will make available and record all  communications and decisions that relate to Pre-Orders, wood sources, risk assessments and risk mitigation actions, for a period of at least six years .


Ply-Tek will evaluate all reporting capabilities, including by country, date-range, supplier, mills, product type, and species and risk-assessment outcome;


Ply-Tek will also rely on both FSC® and PEFC certification in its evaluation and will show preference to purchasing material from sources with COC certification.



Wayne Jackson